From handmade to machine made, custom to bespoke, our rug collection is the largest in Central Oregon. We work with 80 rug producers around the globe to offer a huge selection of diverse styles to complement any home decor.

Visit our spacious Bend showroom to browse hundreds of unique designs​ from Egypt, Greece, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, China, India and the United States.  Our design consultants are here to help you find the perfect rug for your living space.


Patterns for traditionally styled rugs are taken from historical European, Persian and Asian designs. Traditional rugs typically have complex and detailed patterns including borders and/or medallions, as well as, being symmetrical.


Tibetan rugs set themselves apart from Persian rugs because the quality of the wool and their culturally traditional, hand-knotted construction. The wool comes from sheep that reside in the high elevations of the Himalayas, which makes their wool very rich in lanolin. Lanolin is the safeguard of the fiber that not only protects it but, once woven, results in an incredibly soft rug underfoot. The colors and designs are to be more subtle and contemporary compared to the busier, brightly colored Persian rugs.


Contemporary rug design can be simple blocks of color and shapes and usually does not have a definitive pattern. Colors can range from subdued hues to bright, contrasting shades of color. Literal design motifs such as leaves or other organic forms are common for contemporary rugs. Modern interior spaces have helped introduce the bold and abstract expression of rug design. Contemporary and modern rug design is sometimes considered modern art for the floor.


Textured rugs are usually depleted of a distinct visual pattern, but they can add a lot of interest and warmth to a space. Textural rugs have a high-low element to them and are usually one to a few colors. In many cases, texture can be used in place of color.


Transitional designs are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The overall designs tend to take elements from both of these styles and mix them together. Patterns can be detailed as well as subtle.

Updated Traditional

The look of an updated traditional takes design elements from traditional rugs and mixes them up a little by combining the design motifs in an asymmetrical way or intentionally distressing a pattern to make it more subtle . One of the trends right now is the “vintage” look. New rugs with traditional patterns can look washed-out, faded, worn or over-dyed.


Rug weaving is a living tradition passed down from generation to generation all over the world. Crafted by artisans from wool or silk, handmade rugs reflect the symbols, motifs and ancient heritages of their unique cultures. These functional, high quality works of art become heirlooms to enjoy for years to come.

Machine Made

Manufactured with wool or synthetic fibers, machine made rugs come in wonderfully diverse designs at affordable prices.


Perfect for high traffic areas, porches, and decks, these durable, versatile rugs are easy to care for and can take the wear and tear of pets and busy kids.

Rug Pads

Cushioned, non-slip pads extend the life of your area rugs by cushioning the rug fibers. They also prevent them from bunching, wrinkling or slipping and protect your hardwood floors from damage.

Decorating Accessories

We offer an array of decorative throw pillows, baskets and other accessories to complement your home.