Add warmth, pull together a design look & instantly update a room

From handmade to machine made, custom to bespoke, our rug collection is the largest in Central Oregon. We work with 80 rug producers around the globe to offer a huge selection of diverse styles to complement any home decor.

Visit our spacious Bend showroom to browse hundreds of unique designs​ from Egypt, Greece, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, China, India and the United States.  Our design consultants are here to help you find the perfect rug for your living space.

What’s Your style?


The ancient art of rug weaving is a living tradition passed from generation to generation. Crafted by artisans from high-quality, natural materials, these rugs reflect the symbols, motifs and heritages of their unique cultures. Each rug is an investment in time, and history. As such, the craftsmanship and artistry of a traditional hand-made rug is something to be admired and preserved for decades. We think the harmony of functionality and beauty is never so well-achieved as with pieces like these. 

Machine Made

The world of machine made rugs offers accessible price points, easy maintenance, and ultimate livability. These rugs are mass produced with tremendous efficiency in a variety of materials, sizes and styles. The endless variety available ensures something exists to fit every style, setting, and room. Our machine made rugs, many of which are produced in the US, are a fantastic option for floor decor. 

Custom Rugs

At ARC, clients have several options for customizing a rug. From a custom size, to alterations in design and color, to creating an entirely unique piece, we offer the opportunity to design something that is truly made for you. While fully custom pieces, on which clients and artisans collaborate from start to finish, take many months or more to achieve, other customizations are available in a much shorter time frame.

Customizing one of hundreds of machine made options is an affordable way to create the perfect fit for an unusual space or layout.

Or explore customization through our digital program which allows for clients to select a rug’s measurements, colors, and patterns.

When working with our producers and the in-house design team, the dream of custom design is well within reach.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Created of performance fibers, these highly durable, super functional rugs are designed to take the inside out. The true standard for an indoor/outdoor rug is the ability to withstand the moisture, sunlight and exposure of the outdoors. With fibers to repel moisture and prevent mildew, and a UV treatment to protect against fading, a good indoor/outdoor rug is go anywhere, do anything floor decor. At ARC, we feature outstanding examples of the style. They are easy to clean and hard to damage, just the way we like them. And in Central Oregon, where outdoors is where we live, a great indoor/outdoor rug is key for creating an interesting, inviting and comfortable outdoor space.

Home Goods

Our favorite stores always have some of ‘just what we were looking for’ and a touch of the totally unexpected. At ARC, we curate our selection with this in mind to bring you things you want, along with things you haven’t yet imagined. We offer a thoughtful selection of furniture, textiles, and home and apothecary goods. You will find heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind treasures, and affordable pieces that bring design within reach. Petite joys, like a jewel-colored vase, and big statements, like Indian, hand-carved, wooden doors. Shop for yourself or shop for others, we love adding a bit of gift wrapping to your purchase.